United States World War II Anti-Tank Gun

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WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon

Live Firing World War Two Anti-Tank Cannon

US 37mm M3

Sorry, sold in less then 6 hours!

WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon

United States 37mm Anti-Tank Gun for sale

We are selling this complete, immaculate, live firing, World War II Anti-tank gun that comes with ammo, the reloading equipment, 50 lbs. of powder, shells and projectiles.

WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon

It has been stripped primed and painted in Marine Corps green for its appearance in the movie “Wind Talkers”.

You can get ALL of the details and specifications on this gun in Wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/37_mm_Gun_M3 

WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon

It's a registered Destructive Device (DD) on a BATF Form 4 in Idaho.

WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon  WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon 

 WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon

You don't need a special license to own artillery such as this. Under the US tax laws, they are called destructive devices (DD’s.) There is a onetime transfer tax of $200 charged to transfer the ownership to you.

WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon  WW II 37mm Anti-tank cannon
Before the transfer is approved, you have to submit fingerprint cards and fill out a form for a background check.

 If you are in a state other than Idaho, the gun will have to be transferred through a dealer in your local state.

There is an additional transfer tax of $200 to transfer the gun to the local dealer.

The process is no more complicated than the process for a concealed weapon permit (and in most states, much easier).

We, or your local dealer, will fill out all the forms and guide you through the process.

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to own a cannon like this that is a piece of U.S. history.

Sorry sold already - Priced at: $24,950 US$

Plus shipping and the transfer taxes ($200 to $400 US$).

Included accessories below:


Other information on this US 37mm M3Anti-Tank cannon:

The sale includes combat tire rims with the correct new military tires and a scope from Army 57 mm gun.

It also comes with 50 lbs. of correct 37mm powder.  6oz is used in each round.

The only thing missing or not working is the wire from the battery box to the bulb holder in the scope (the bulb holder is there) and the bulb.  

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