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Strong and Brown Yacht Starting Cannons for sale

A GREAT 4 Gauge Strong Yacht cannon!
Strong 4 Gauge Yacht Cannon for sale!
We have this very rare 32 inch Strong Firearms Yacht Signal cannon available at a very low price!
Strong 4 Gauge Yacht Cannon for sale!
It is in good shape and only needs some minor cleaning.
It weighs 120 plus pounds and been stored in a basement for over 25 years.
Strong 4 Gauge Yacht Cannon for sale!   Strong 4 Gauge Yacht Cannon for sale!   Strong 4 Gauge Yacht Cannon for sale!
Price for this one is $7,495 US$ + Shipping
(4 gauge massive cannon with shells made by R. H. Brown & Company, New Haven, CT Overall length is 27" with carriage 24 1/2" barrel.)

Bronze signal cannon from the yacht "Colonia" Sold For $20,000

This gun fires blank 4 Gauge Shotgun shells and has an insert to fire 10 Gauge blanks.
You can see one being fired here:
    The last two that we had like it sold for $10,000 US$ each!
Below is what this one will look like when restored to bright polish if desired:
Strong 4 Gauge Yacht Cannon for sale!  Strong 4 Gauge Yacht Cannon for sale!
Below is one used in a Magnum PI TV Show!
Strong 4 Gauge Yacht Cannon for sale!
 Higgin's cannon is a genuine 1890's signal cannon built by the Strong Fire Arms Company of New Haven, Connecticut. The cannon was featured in a 2011 episode of the hit cable show Pawn Stars. It was valued at between $20K-$40K. After the cannon was fired, Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars made a final offer of $15K, the seller wouldn't go lower than $35K, so no deal was made.

10 Gauge Blank firing brass cannon for sale
10 Gauge Blank firing brass cannon for sale
We are offering a magnificent all brass 10 Gauge lanyard fire salute cannon.
The barrel is 18 inches long and with the trigger mechanism it is over 20 inches.
10 Gauge Blank firing brass cannon for sale
 The breech is 2 3/4 inches and the muzzle is 2 inch with the overall length 20 inches.
10 Gauge Blank firing brass cannon for sale
The trigger is spring loaded lanyard fire and the breech is swing type with a lock.
 All this sits atop a white oak carriage stained mahogany and features brass trunnion caps, elevator and fastenings.
The gun 40 lbs. And shipping to the lower 48 will be 60.00
Price $2,750 US$ + shipping

SOLD - Contact us if you want one of there as we might be able to gat another.

Heavy 24 Pounder British 1743  Brass Cannon Model

British 24 PounderCannon Brass model for sale

This is the finest model cannon like this we have ever seen!  The detail is just fantastic!

The barrel is 10.5 inches long.

Located in the UK.

Price: $1,495 US$ + shipping.

Brand New Super Black Powder Golf Ball Cannons
Sold to Mike - 10/24/2013
Super Golf Ball Cannon for sale
These great black powder cannons are the best one we have ever see available like this!

These top quality brand new black powder cannons have a bore size of 1.730 inches. Which gives it approximately .040 inch of free clearance (windage) for an average golf ball. A service charge of 300 grains of FFG black powder is enough to get things going real good!

A salute can be fired off with a charge of 500 grains topped with a DRY wad of crumpled newspaper or a hand full of grass or leaves. (Do not use wet paper or tightly packed anything as it will cause a bore obstruction and is dangerous).

The cannons fire using a musket cap and a pull on the lanyard (Included with the cannon). The cannons have a barrel length of 26 inches and a diameter of 4 in. At the breech. They fire with a solid brass inertia hammer onto a standard musket cap (available at local gun stores).

The barrels are constructed from DOM high pressure tubing with a solid breech and correct chamber 100% welded in and then a second piece of DOM is pressed over the weld area and then it is welded on both front and rear. The trunnions are pressed into blind holes and then fully welded onto the barrel.

Super Golf Ball Cannon for sale

The entire cannon is of steel fabricated construction, primed, and then painted with a camouflage pattern. The only parts of the cannon not handmade are the wheels, which are 13 inch solid type (flat free) with ball bearings and a 4 inch machinery crank.

    These cannons also include the extras that come with each cannon. From the left, a tool (tube and plug) for making a tin foil
Powder charge - pre measured, a powder measure for 0 up to 400 grain, ball stack (golf balls) with base, 1/16 inch
Brass vent pick, 10 foot lanyard with hook, a combination sponge and rammer, and a gun worm. Lock and lanyard (for musket caps).

The overall length of the cannons is 56 inches with the trails together and 54 inches with the trails deployed out. The barrel will lower to about - 15 degrees and will elevate to about 45 degrees using the included machinery crank and an acme thread arrangement.

The total weight of the cannon itself is 92 lbs.

Note: We have sold 8 of these very top quality cannons from this master cannon maker in the past!

Hurry, as this last one will sell quick.

Sold out.  More cannons from this builder in different style this winter!
We can arrange reasonable shipping anywhere in the USA with UPS or pick up free in
Otsego, Michigan!

  Large Scale Black Powder 6 Pounder Naval Cannon!

      The barrel is 35 1/2 inches long and it has a 1 1/2 inch bore with a steel liner.

The total weight is about 300 lbs. each.

 Black Powder Naval Cannon for sale 

These are a pair of LARGE and excellent black powder Naval cannons. 
They are excellent noise makers and can fire live rounds as they re steel lined.    
   The bore has 3/16" steel liner for live firing!
  The Manufacturer is unknown.
    35 1/2 inches long

  The carriage is in like new condition as are the cannons. The barrel needs a little touch up paint on the last one.

These naval black powder cannons are very hard to find!

Price: $1,895 US$+ shipping!

1/4 Scale 1841 6 Pounder Bronze Field Cannon!

1/4 Scale Brass Civil War Black Powder Cannon For Sale

(shown above with it 1/8 scale little brother that was sold along with the 1/2 scale piece that made up the set)

This a VERY NICE custom made 1/4 scale bronze Civil War cannon!

The barrel is bronze and does not have a steel liner. It should be used for black powder only, not firing projectiles.

Overall length is 30 inches.

Barrel length is 17 inches.

Bore is 1 inch.

Wheel diameter is 14 inches.

Weight is 55 pounds

The hardware is wrought iron. Very detailed and to scale.

The carriage in made from aluminum and is painted butternut yellow with black trim.
The cannon has been fired.

   1/4 Scale Brass Civil War Black Powder Cannon For Sale

Large Scale Black Powder 6 Pounder Naval Cannon

      Sorry - Sold 7/18/2011

This is a very nice muzzle loading cannon. It is a large scale working model cannon.

Black Powder Naval Cannon

  The barrel is 35 1/2 inches long and it has a 1 1/2 inch bore with a steel liner.

The total weight is about 300 lbs.

This a LARGE and excellent black powder Naval cannon. 
 It is an excellent noise maker and can be fire live rounds.    
   It is 4 5/8 inches wide at the front of the cannon tube,  6 inches wide at the rear of the cannon tube,  11 inches wide at the part that attaches to the carriage (trunnions), and the bore has 3/16" steel liner for live firing!
The Manufacturer is unknown.
    35 1/2 inches long
    Carriage measurements;
    26 inches long
    22 inches high
    11 inches wide
    Front wheels are 8 inches in diameter
    Rear wheels are 6 inches in diameter.

These naval black powder cannons are very hard to find!

Price: $1,995 US$


U.S. Civil War Reenactors Beer Can scale Coehorn Mortar

Reproduction Coehorn Mortar

This is a VERY nice ALL STEEL black powder Beer Can Mortar that is on a wood frame.

1/3 Scale Black Powder 6 Pounder Naval Cannon

Naval Cannon

The barrel is 29 1/2 inches long and it has a 1 1/4 inch bore with a steel liner.

The total weight is 90 lbs.

This cannon is cast iron with a Steel liner!

All tools for cleaning and firing are included.

These naval black powder cannons are very hard to find!

1/3 Scale Black Powder British Naval Cannon

This is a very nice muzzle loading cannon. It is a 1/3 scale working model of a British Cannon.

The barrel is 29 1/2 inches long and it has a 1.5 inch bore.

The total weight is 70 lbs.

This cannon is cast iron.

These naval black powder cannons are very hard to find!  This one just needs some light cleaning and oil and it is ready to go!

Sold to: T.M. 9/11/2010

Price: $1,250 US$

Brand New - British
Revolutionary War period Cannon Barrel!

British Black Powder Reenactor Cannon

Weight: 200 pounds

Trunnion diameter: 2 5/16 inch

Trunnion length: 2 7/16 inch

Bore: 2 1/4 diameter with steel liner

Overall length: 36 3/4 inches

"Like New" 1/3 scale Dahlgren Boat Howitzer

Sorry - Sold

A huge - Full Size - Black Powder Naval Project Cannon!


This is a very hard to find full size reproduction of a 9 pounder Naval cannon.  It is very heavy duty and includes a custom made duel axle trailer with a spare tire and ammo and tool boxes, implements, ramps, etc.  It is about 25 years old and needs to be restored. The carriage is good, but needs repair to the front axle.

Overall barrel length:  93 inches (7.75 feet)

Bore: 4.25 inches

Steel Wheels:  14 inch diameter

We call this cannon "The Master Blaster"
Sold 11/24/2009
 It's a very unique - one of a kind - 2 inch howitzer made with all mild steel construction to last a lifetime. It was lathe turned from high pressure seamless tubing with a welded breach plug. Then a machined reinforcing band was press fitted over the joint and welded at both ends.
 It's fitted with a percussion firing lock (musket caps) and come with ramrod, worm, and sponge.
  With 1,000 grains of cannon grade black powder, this cannon makes a noise like you wouldn't believe!
  A complete set of cannon tools is included with this gun!
Sold - Sorry!

Standard Size 8 Gauge Cannon Breech Loading Shotgun Cannons

Very safe and VERY loud!

Total Length: 40 inches

1/2 Scale Black Powder cannon

1/2 scale Black Powder cannon 

Bronze Napoleon Reenactors Cannon - Brand New  

   Full scale light artillery 1855 cast bronze Napoleon black powder field cannon.

Over all length: 92 inches
Wheel Diameter: 51 inches
Barrel Length: 46 inches
Barrel weight: 320 lbs.
Bore 2.75 inches
Over all weight: 750 plus lbs.

Barrel specifications: Made from cast naval bronze with high copper content (highest quality) with a 1/4 inch steel liner

Fully functional and ready to fire!

Features a steel axle and threaded elevation screw!
Reenactor approved and surpasses industry safety standards!

Sold 12/19/2008!

A 3/4 scale Reenactors cannon - Sold December 2008

A very hard to find 8 Gauge Black Powder Signal Cannon!!

8 Gauge cannon    8 gauge cannon

This is a beautifully made signal cannon that makes a WONDERFUL addition to your Fourth of July or New Year’s celebration!

8 gauge shells may be a little harder to find, but that isn’t any problem... It comes with a 10 gauge bushing that will allow you to tone down the fun and use the less expensive 10 gauge shells.

This cannon weights a whopping 50 LBS and rests on a solid wooden frame. Underneath the frame there are three holes for mounting pegs so the cannon can be either secured into the earth or attached permanently to another surface.

 The cannon measures:

Length: 16"

Width: 18"

Barrel diameter: 3"

It includes the following:

One solid steel signal cannon

Three mounting pegs

One 8 Gauge to 10 Gauge bushing

Owner’s manual and safety booklet

 Museum Quality Model Cannon

Huge Scale Model Civil War Cannon

When we say Museum Quality - we REALLY mean it on this one of a kind hand-crafted masterpiece. We have never had a cannon like this before and don't expect to have one again!  It has been meticulously constructed by a master craftsman to exacting standards with over a hundred hours of labor.  Parts like the spokes - all 28 of them - were carved and fitted by hand! There are five coats of Polyurethane on the wood and it was sanded between each coat. The metal parts are painted with black epoxy. The barrel has been “antiqued”.


The cannon has a machined steel 14 inch barrel and walnut carriage.  The bore is  3/4 inch and it has never been fired. The overall size of the cannon is ten inches high and about twenty-two inches long.  Total width of the axle is 12.75 inches - the barrel at the muzzle end is 1.22 inches and at the rear its 1.98 inches. The wheel diameter is 9.12 inches.  The estimated weight is 25 pounds. Complete with all accessories and cannon tools!

Sold - Jan. 15, 2008

This "One of a Kind" Civil War Scale Model is

Priced at: $2,500 US$

Full size Reenactors project cannon

 Chrome - Steel 6lb/105mm Mountain Howitzer Barrel


Sorry Sold! Steal this barrel for only $995 plus shipping

  A Great Black Powder Naval Cannon!


This is an absolutely beautiful custom made black powder cannon for Reenactor use or display. 

 Original firing cannons of this size and type are very hard to come by.  It was made in the early 1970's with an excellent high quality hardwood carriage. Includes two implements for loading and cleaning.

Sold September 15, 2007  

A Great New Black Powder Naval Cannon!

Black Powder Naval Cannon   

This is an absolutely beautiful custom made black powder cannon.  Original firing cannons of this size and type are hard to come by.

The cannon is made from Precision Ground Steel Shafting and all the fittings are solid steel! The carriage and axles are made of hard wood. The dimensions are as follows 10"inches high x 24'inches overall length x 11 1/2" inches wide. The barrel is 22 1/4" long with a 1" bore.

Steal this "One of A kind"  cannon for:


Ten Gauge - 2" Diameter Aluminum Cannon!


 A Tremendous Ten Gauge - 2" Diameter

Stainless Steel "Pirate" Cannon!


This fantastic "one of a kind" stainless steel (304) cannon was  also machined in Florida has all Stainless Steel fittings.  The over all length is 22 inches, with the barrel and receiver at 19 1/2 inches.  The smooth bore is one inch - and the weight is 30 lbs.  The carriage is made from clear oak and Poplar.  The receiver (Breech) is 304 Stainless with all internal firing pieces made of stainless steel as are all of the screws and fasteners. The Breech Receiver and Barrel have interrupted threads for 1/8 turn loading and unloading of the shells!


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