Breech Loading Cannons Sold

Original Hotchkiss 1.65 inch Mountain Rifle

(Also called a 2lb. Quick Firing Gun)

Model 1886 - Built 1890

Used in the Indian and Spanish-American Wars

An original still "Working" Cannon

This Gun is complete and is field ready to FIRE.

  Hotchkiss Mountian Rifle 

These great Hotchkiss Mountain Rifles were used in the Indian Wars and four of the guns were used at the battle of Wounded Knee.  They were also used extensively in the Spanish American War.  It is estimated than less than fifty of these guns survive world-wide today. This is an original cannon that is complete. The tube and carriage was built by American Ordinance Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut. 

Complete: with original carriage and wheels as shown in the photos.

This gun is in like New Condition!

 Huge & very rare bronze Portuguese

"Breech Loading" Cannon

An extremely large and rare 16/17th Century Portuguese Breech Loading cannon recovered in the Spice Islands of Indonesia!  With Arabic/Java inscriptions that were most likely added much later and used up until the late 1800's.

Excellent Condition!

It is 67 inches long and has a 1.75 inch bore. The weight is 244 lbs. and it has a 4.5 inch diameter muzzle.

This cannon dates from the very late 1500's to the early 1600's and was probably cast in Portugal or in Brunei by the Portuguese for use on the local river trading boats. It has been extensively fired but is still in very good condition. The price includes a Certificate of Authenticity and an export permit for an antiquity when it was exported from South East Asia! Hurry, this one will sell very QUICK!


Inventory Number: Breech#13-ARW110


A GREAT Bronze Breech Loading Rail Cannon



This cannon is an extremely rare Breech Loader and is complete with the original breech block, swivel and locking wedge!

It is almost impossible to find a cannon like this with the original breech as they are always lost! 

The iron needs treatment and freeing up or removal, but the bronze is absolutely pristine as is the patina.

The very large decoration is just amazing!

Length: 34 inches  (87 CM)

Bore: .75 inch

Weight: 22 lbs (10 kg.)

Date:  16th Century

Sold June 19, 2007

Bronze Breech Loading Rail Cannon

An extremely rare 16/17th Century Portuguese Breech Loading cannon recovered in the Spice Islands of Indonesia!

Length: 42.25 inches long

Bore: 1.25 inches

Muzzle diameter: 3.25

Weight: 42.25 lbs

Condition: Pristine!

No breech block with this one.

Only damage is to the iron monkey tail!




Sold Breech loading Cannons!

Sold - January 2007

Small Bronze Breech-loading cannon

Sorry - SOLD

The Brunei Dragon Breechloader was sold on April 19, 2004 foronly$10,000 US$.

The larger Dragon sold for only $8,000 US$!

The two cannons above would bring double that price today!

16th Century -  57 inch Breech Loader





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