Very Rare United States Model 1918 155mm "Schneider" Howitzer

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Sold 12/5/2013
This is a United States Model 1918 155mm "Schneider" Howitzer was used in both World War I & World War II.
It is available as it sits with the gun in its WW II configuration with the balloon tires.  This howitzer is really in fantastic condition for it age.  The barrel was never cut or welded shut and has only "some plaster" a few inches in from the muzzle and in the breech to keep out water, etc.  This can be removed very easily.
As you can see from the photos, there is virtually no rust or deterioration anywhere on this gun.  You can easily wash off the dust and a little sand and it will be ready to display. 

 It is known as an antique "bag" type gun due to the powder charge being separate from the actual projectile when being loaded.

Markings: There is a A.B.S. & FDY. Co. (Erie, PA)  is marked predominately on the muzzle along with the weight of the barrel, etc.  More photos of the other markings are below. 

US Model 1918 U.S. 155mm "Schneider" Howitzer    155mm Howitzer for sale
155mm US Howitzer for sale

One control wheel for adjusting the firing position is missing as well as one of the wheels for sighting, otherwise it is complete. This gun has no cuts or re-welds.  
155mm Model Howitzer for sale    155mm Model 1918 Howitzer
This cannon is considered an antique by the BATF and requires no registration or transfer taxes! This is a beautiful Artillery piece and one of the best you can find anywhere. This cannon has been lovingly protected over the years and would look great as it is as monument or in any collection!

155 mm Howitzer

Due to the shortage of American medium and heavy artillery in World War I, large numbers of these guns were purchased, particularly from the French. This Schneider piece became the M1918 upon production in America. The carriage was modified at Rock Island Arsenal for high speed transport, becoming the M1917 A4.

The weapon saw active service in both world wars. The last shot of World War I is said to have been fired by a 155 mm howitzer (Calamity Jane) by the 11th Field Artillery.

Caliber: 155 mm or 6.1-inch
Weight: 3,720 kg or 8,184 lbs.
Shell Weigh: 43.2 kg or 95 lbs.
Range: 14,630 meters or 16,000 yards
Elevation: 0 to 750 mils 0 degrees to + 42 degrees 20 min
Rate of Fire: 2 rounds per minute

The photo below is one of these cannons in the World War I configuration.


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