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Hand-Fired Signal  & Salute

Antique Cannons and Lantakas

We currently only have a few miniature antique bronze and iron cannons available.  These cannons are NOT TOYS nor are they the MODELS that are listed on our other pages!  They were working cannons and used for giving obligatory salutes, sending signals, in close-up fighting as hand-held cannons, and also as a type of currency throughout Southeast Asia.  Many of these cannons were made in Europe as trade items and as gifts to important people throughout Southeast Asia and the Spice Islands!   Many similar cannons are in museums throughout  Asia and all of them have been used and extensively  fired!   They are 250 to 300 years old!


Brass 10 Gauge blank Shotgun shell firing cannon!
Brand new and ready to work!
Brass 10 Gauge blank Shotgun shell firing cannon for sale.
Brass 10 Gauge blank Shotgun shell firing cannon for sale.
We are offering a magnificent all brass 10 Gauge lanyard fire salute cannon.
The barrel is 18 inches long and with the trigger mechanism it is over 20 inches.
Brass 10 Gauge blank Shotgun shell firing cannon for sale.
 The breech is 2 3/4 inches and the muzzle is 2 inch with the overall is length 20 inches plus.
Brass 10 Gauge blank Shotgun shell firing cannon for sale.
The trigger is spring loaded lanyard fire and the breech is swing type with a lock.
 All this sits atop a white oak carriage stained mahogany and features brass trunnion caps, elevator and fastenings.
The gun 40 lbs. and shipping to the lower 48 will be $60.00 US$.

We can ship this cannon anywhere in the world!
Price $2,750 US$ + shipping
Hurry as we have sold two of these in the last 10 days and only have a couple left!

Small Bronze Black Powder Naval Signal Cannon

Small Antique Signal Cannon: Bronze cannon barrel, no markings. The bore is 5/8 inch and is smooth. The touch ho looks good and has very little use as.   The weight of the barrel is 9 lbs. The length is 10 3/4 inches. Excellent condition!


 Price: $695 US$ + shipping

Museum Quality Model Cannon

Huge 1/6 Scale Model Civil War Howitzer

Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon

Sorry sold!

It has been over four years since we have had one of these available!

When we say Museum Quality - we REALLY mean it on this one of a kind, hand-crafted masterpiece. We have only had two cannons like this before and sold them FAST! It has been meticulously constructed by a master craftsman to exacting standards with over a hundred hours of labor. Parts like the spokes - all 28 of them - were carved and fitted by hand! There are five coats of Polyurethane on the wood and it was sanded between each coat. The metal parts are painted with black epoxy.

Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon   Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon

 Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon

The cannon has a machined brass 10.25 inch barrel and a walnut carriage. The bore is 3/4 inch and it has never been fired. The overall size of the cannon is ten inches high and about twenty-two inches long. Total width of the axle is 11.5 inches. The wheel diameter is 10 inches and is about 25 inches long. Estimated weight is 25 pounds. Complete with all accessories and cannon tools!

Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon   Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon 

 Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon

This "One of a Kind" Civil War Scale Model is priced at:

$2,695 US$+ shipping

Museum Quality Model Civil War Cannon

Shipping costs are additional from the US West Coast.

Check out the fantastic detail!

This poor handheld cannon had way too many firings!

(Not for sale)

Please note: All the cannons in our inventory or consignment offerings are antiques, and require very little or no paperwork when crossing international borders. It is strongly recommended that none of these cannons ever be fired, as it could cause damage to the cannon, yourself and/or to anyone in close proximity.

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