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We sometimes have various types of mortars available, Black Powder firing mortars, and occasionally - antique mortars.  Please see our current inventory below.  If you have a mortar of any type for sale -  please contact us!

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The above are samples of Antique Mortars that have been sold and are not available!

 2.25 inch bore Coehorn mortar
This is a very nice South Bend Replicas Mortar


South Bend Ordnance is a replica cannon producer that is well known for making a safe and reliable products and offers reduced size and bore models of bigger cannons and mortars.
They're made in the U.S.A.!
It is located in Omaha, Nebraska for free pick up or we can ship anywhere.
Priced to sell fast at: $749 US$

Civil War Reenactors Black Powder Mortar for sale


Fantastic 24 pound Black Powder Mortar

Huge Price Reduction. MUST Sell!

Huge Black Powder mortar for sale

This is a 24 lb. mortar that is a scaled down version of a 10 inch Gribeauval siege mortar, on a traditional French siege bed.

This is one of the very best mortar of this type we have ever seen!

Huge Black Powder mortar for sale

Barrel info is: Length - 16 inch, Width - 8.5inch, Bore Diameter - 5.86 inch, Bore depth - 9 inch

Black Powder Mortar for sale     Black Powder Mortar for sale    Black Powder Mortar for sale

Breech is semi-hemispherical.

Powder chamber is Gomer type and holds 1/2lb. of powder level full.

These "modern" mortars were built from 1791 on.

Huge Black Powder mortar for sale 

Weight is around 200 lbs.

Tensile - 93,000

Elongation - 24

Hardness - 163 BHN

Yield - 57,000

Huge Black Powder mortar for sale   Huge Black Powder mortar for sale   Huge Black Powder mortar for sale  

Bed Info: Made from Red Oak

All bolts are through bolts (3/4 inch)

Nuts were machined from square cast iron bar to look more authentic

1/2 inch plate is inserted into cheeks

Included in this sale are 10 hollow zinc balls from Paulson Bros.

The 5/8 inch  wooden plugs that they come with have been removed. The owner drilled and tapped 3/4 inch threads into the balls and machined 3/4 inch brass "fuses" with a hole in the middle to allow a 4 inch rope to act as a handle. They come in handy when you dig the balls out of the ground and have to carry them back to the line.

 Price Now: $6,950 US$ + shipping

Located in Boiling Springs, PA for free pick up.

More information on this type Mortar at:

A MASSIVE 15 inch Reproduction British Mortar!

Used in the film "Last of the Mohicans"

Huge reproduction Mortar from movie.

Huge reproduction Mortar from movie.        Huge reproduction Mortar from movie.    Huge reproduction Mortar from movie. 

It has a fiberglass shell with steel inside for the tube and pivots.

Steel core for reproduction Mortar

We have some original construction photos also and one that shows the steel core is above.
The fiberglass shell will need a little repairing as will the wood carriage.
We can send more detailed photos of it if you need them.
 It was made to fire pyrotechnic charges for the movie. You can clearly see it in the film belching fire and smoke.
 There is a lead wire that comes out of the bottom to hook up the charges.
This will NOT fire a projectile.
Dimensions are overall 80" long X 48" wide X 62" tall.

Last of the Moahicans Mortar for sale   Last of the Moahicans Mortar for sale   Last of the Moahicans Mortar for sale

Price: $3,995 US$

Located in Illinois for free pick up or we can arrange shipping anywhere!




Mortar Firing Information - Click here!

The short squat mortar had changed little from the time when they were first used in 1453 by the Ottoman Turks. They were well adapted, however, to hurling shells where other cannon could not -- over the walls of a fort or enemy field works. Mortars were used principally by the Union, although both sides made some use of them in combat. They ranged in size from a 'mobile' 300 lb. Coehorn mortar with a 5.8 inch bore that hurled an 18 pound shell to the immense 13 inch seacoast mortars (shown here) that weighed 17,120 lbs. and could fire a 220 pound bomb 4,325 yards. Siege mortars came in 8 inch and 10 inch bore diameters and fired 44 and 88 lb. shell respectively. Naturally devices of this weight were not very easily moved about a battlefield. Mortars in the Civil War were primarily siege weapons or mounted on ships and scows for subduing enemy fortifications. They saw a good deal of use in the campaigns on the Mississippi River. At the Battle of Forts Jackson and St. Philip (April 1862) 19 schooners, each mounting a 13 inch mortar, pounded the Rebel forts for six days before capturing New Orleans.

Mortars - relatively short, large-caliber artillery pieces designed to fire the largest, heaviest projectiles on the highest possible trajectories. Unlike guns that fired solid shot horizontally at high velocity, mortars fired shells or vertically a low velocity. They depended for their destructive results not on the velocity of the projectile but on the explosive power and incendiary effects of their shells. With their high angle of elevation, mortars could fire over obstacles to hit their targets and were consequently especially useful siege weapons. Occasionally the small, lighter weight mortars were used in the field.

Coehorn Mortar - Small brass mortar invented by Dutch military engineer Baron Menno van Coehorn (or Coehorn, 1641-1704) and first used at the siege of Grave in 1674. During the American Civil War, both the North and the South used Coehorn mortars

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 ALL types of Mortars  - for CASH!

Currently looking for all types of Civil War Mortars "Originals" and/or Reproductions!

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