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"One of a Kind" Norwich Rapid Fire Civil War Cannon!

This unique gun was made to compete with  Richard Jordan Gatlin's gun in the early trials for the US War Department.  

 This is the only one known like this to have ever been manufactured!

Price REDUCED by $10,000 US$!

Norwich Cannon     

Norwich Civil War rapid firing gun

This prototype Norwich rapid fire "Gatling type" cannon was made in Greenville, Connecticut by James D. Mowry's company which became the Norwich Arms Company.  It was made in about 1862 as a prototype for competition in providing a rapid fire rifle/cannon.  The company had a contract with the war department to produce 30,000 Springfield muskets at his Greenville factory.

This unique piece is marked S. Mowry who is believed to be his brother and worked with James D. Mowry.  In 1861, in the Norwich City directory, there is listed a John S. Mowry of Greenville and James D. Mowry is also listed in the same directory.  In the 1868 Norwich City directory is listed Samuel Mowry (Mowry's Machine Works, Greenville).

The Springfield muskets manufactured by Mowry are marked US/Jas. D. Mowry/Norwich, Conn on the lock with an eagle forward of the hammer.

We have considerable research on James D. Mowry and on Norwich Arms, which we will include with the purchase of this fantastic one of a king museum pieces.  Norwich Arms also made the new type of improved Springfield rifle which was the invention of Messrs. Armstrong and Taylor of Augusta, KY.  

The carriage is all original and the entire gun appears to be complete.  It took a metal body cartridge and was loaded from the rear.   With the right type of antique ammo it could probably be fired again.  One wheel has some minor deterioration as pictured that needs to be repaired.  The rest of the restoration is only cosmetic as far as we know.  This gun was made to compete with John Gatlin's gun in the early war trials for the War Dept.  Gatlin, of course won out the competition.  This is the only one known to have ever been manufactured.  Inside the axle it is marked S. Mowry and Greenville Ct.


It fired a 1 inch size round which is close to a 20mm shell. They are a solid shot and not conical exploding shells.





The diameter of the barrel is 1 7/8, the diameter of the bore is 1 and the length of the barrel is 29.

Priced to sell FAST at: $69,995 US$. 

Shipping included anywhere in the lower 48 states.  Or we can ship this cannon to any country in the world!

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